At Evergreen Community School, a strong, parentgenerated endowment affords us the richest of educational opportunities. Evergreen educators have the privilege of attending conferences worldwide and working with the world’s most prestigious educators and education theorists. This coupled with an organizational structure that allots both time and compensation for our staff to participate in extensive collaboration, documentation, research, and individual reflection, ensures that theory segues optimally into our practice as educators.

To this end we regularly
host tours, conferences and
international delegations at
low or no cost to the visit-
ing party. The dialogues we
have with educators outside
our community serve to
deepen our understanding
of our own work as well as
theirs. And our interaction
as professionals with
uniquely strong common
interests leads to the estab-
lishment of a community
network within which edu-
cators can learn and grow.
In turn, Evergreen Community School is committed to a multi-faceted educational outreach program in which teachers throughout the U.S. and abroad are supported as they strive to implement educational reform. It is our strong belief that knowledge in the field of education should reside in the public domain, accessible to all. The pooling of knowledge and ideas amongst the world’s educators (as well as parents, communities, etc.) lends itself to a vibrant and everevolving education community. Our goal is to open a public dialogue in which possibilities are freely explored, ideals are considered attainable and reform is always within reach. For it is only through a dialogue of this nature that positive and innovative change can and will emerge to transform existing practice.