In accordance with applicable federal law
and school policy, Evergreen Community
School does not discriminate in any of its
policies, procedures or practices on the basis
of race, color or national origin. Our program
welcomes families of all religious, socio-
-economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. We
seek a diverse student population including
children with special needs. Tenants of
2600/2700 Colorado Avenue have first
priority providing the timely submission of
child’s application and our ability to find an
appropriate placement. Second priority is
given to residents of Santa Monica.

Please understand that we receive many applications. The Preschool Program does not have openings for the current school year. If you wish to apply for an upcoming year we are happy to accept your application. Applicants will be notified in the spring regarding their child’s admission status. Children who are not accepted will be put on the waitlist until they are offered a space or are no longer eligible due to age.

For more information about admissions, please contact us at