Parents play a valued and integral
role in every aspect of our school
community. Parental participation
in the education process is a
keynote of the Evergreen philoso-
phy of early childhood education
and accordingly is both expected
and required. Parents are viewed
as equal partners, working in
tandem with teachers toward a
common goal.

Evergreen offers numerous and varying opportunities for meaningful
involvement including: participating in and supporting daily classroom
activities; attending parent meetings and seminars; serving on various
committees (focusing on a range of important school needs); working
to improve the school's physical appearance; engaging in formal and
informal discussions about educational goals; and attending special
events and celebrations. Parents seeking deeper involvement may
choose to serve on the Education Council, acting as parent-faculty
liaisons and working to raise the level of awareness within our school
community of Evergreen's specific educational goals and philosophy.
The Evergreen Community School Education Council is a collective of parents who are interested in the theoretical roots of our unique educational approach. The goals of the council include continuing to learn about Evergreen’s philosophy and practice, facilitating dialogue between parents and teachers, and creating avenues for parents to access documentation and resource literature. The council meets monthly to participate in book study discussions, attend workshops and to pursue current topics related to theory and practice.