In the fall of 1983, All Saints'
Episcopal Church of Beverly Hills
founded a preschool to serve its parishioners and the local
community. It opened its doors
with four children enrolled and one teacher, Alise Shafer. It was a
blank canvas with a palette of possibilities. A social constructivist approach was adopted as a
theoretical framework,
influenced by the work of Piaget
and Vygotsky, among others.
As awareness of the school's
program spread through the
community, the student population expanded and diversified.

In 1996, having outgrown its
church setting, the school
transitioned to an independent
non-profit status, and the entity
Evergreen Community School was
born at our current Santa Monica
location. This new, fully updated
facility gave us the freedom to
further refine our practice,
unencumbered by the constraints
of shared and limited space.
These freedoms enabled us to
more deeply explore our
constructivist roots and the
approach of the municipal
schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Ever conscious of the impact
of words to convey underlying
meaning and points of view,
we chose our name, Evergreen Community School, with care. Evergreen reflects our desire
to be perpetually growing
and reaching for greater
heights while remaining
steadfastly rooted in our
respect for children's strengths,
competencies and potential. Community is our middle name.
The strength of our school lies
in the relationships that we
build; and further, in the
sense of community that
we create, both within our
school environment and without.