It is our goal to make legible the
life of our school throug
h careful
observation, reflection and
documentation of our experience
together. The practice of daily
reflection enables teachers to plan
responsive curriculum that supports
both group and individual
development. Our documentation
(i.e. panels, books, videotapes,
focus sheets and field notes) captures
the essence of our program and
pedagogical choices. It is not meant
as the study of a particular child;
rather, we view documentation as a
tool for better understanding all
children. Most importantly,
documentation is a fundamental
part of our dialogue with children,
parents and other teachers.

As we record the unique stories
of our daily lives we choose the
lens of relationship to understand
how we learn – relationships
with ourselves, with each other
and with the physical world.
How do relationships begin?
How do they evolve? How do
they come to shape and
change us? Ultimately, how do
relationships impact the
formation of humanity?